Who Performs Sewer Inspections in Vancouver, WA?

Who Performs Sewer Inspections in Vancouver, WA?

Interstate Inspection Services will examine your pipes

Everything can appear great with the home you’re planning to purchase, but do you know what lies beneath the surface? Interstate Inspection Services, LLC offers sewer inspections in the Vancouver, WA area.

A typical sewer repair can cost you more than $10,000. It’s important to schedule a sewer scope prior to closing on your home so you can be confident in your property investment. A home inspector isn’t biased and won’t profit from your sewer line repairs.

Call 360-949-6496 today to schedule a sewer inspection in Vancouver, WA or the Portland metro area.

Get the peace of mind you need for your home purchase

A sewer scope inspection can be one of the best investments you make during the home inspection process. Many sewer lines in the area are at the end of their life. A sewer scope:

  • Provides information about the condition of your pipes
  • Can be used during your negotiations
  • Offers confidence in the home you’re buying

Contact Interstate Inspection Services when you need a sewer scope done within 100 miles of Vancouver, Washington.